Steak Fajita Bowl

Hi there, Sondra Rubin here…I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and love to make meals that are tasty and still follow Ayurvedic principles to not combine incompatible¬†ingredients.
This is a delicious quick 10-minute meal (20 minutes if you don’t have leftover steak from the night before).
Steak Fajita Bowl
Cut Up Steak into small bite-size pieces(leftover steak is very easy to use for this recipe – if you don’t have leftovers then quickly cook your steak on a skillet or grill and season with Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper, and Garlic Powder)
1 White Onion – Chopped
1 Package of Simple Organics Fajita Mix
3 Fresh Corn Cut off the Hull or 1 Package of Frozen Corn
1 Cup of Basmati White Rice
1. Cook rice with 2 cups of filtered water in an instant pot for 15 minutes or on a stovetop (bring to a boil then reduce the flame and cook for 15 minutes). Once rice is cooked you can season with a little olive oil, salt, fresh ground black pepper, and powdered turmeric.
2. In the meantime, put a skillet on medium fire, Add a little olive oil to the pan, then add chopped onion. Once the onion is cooked about 5 minutes. Add small bite-size steak pieces and cook for 2 minutes
3. Then add a Fajita seasoning packet
4. Then mix in Corn. Mix together with 4 tbsp of filtered water and cook for 8-10 minutes.
5. Serve over rice with a garnish of cilantro

Sondra Rubin, B.S., BCAP, CPA
Former Graduate Assistant, SCUHS
Founder & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
Anu Ayurveda Health Center
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