Is Being Paleo/Keto Right for You?

Have you been hooked into another fad diet without it being called a fad diet? Is it the best way to eat because it seems healthy and you’re losing weight? Well the jury is out as more and more people are waking up to an idea that it might just be another fad diet… Darn it! You just loved eating Turkey Bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😜

Even though I love Paleo and Keto diets they are not right for everyone, at all times of the year. Based on an Ayurvedic perspective, people should eat based on their body’s constitution type. So what does that mean?! Well everybody is created with a type of biological energy and this constitution governs how we process everything from foods, thoughts and emotions. The foods we crave and digestive dysfunctions we tend to be more susceptible to are based on these constitutions also known as Doshas. From constipation for Vata types, heartburn for Pitta types and Ulcers/Overweightness for Kapha types. Additionally, eating what’s in season throughout the year will help your body stay in balance. So staying away from fad diets and eating what’s right for your body’s constitution will keep your overall digestive system and health in alignment, which helps to ward off disease down the road. Generally these fad diets make you feel better for a period of time, but your symptoms generally reappear later on.

Health is Always An Option.


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