Gluten Free French Waffle Toast

Another easy leftover repurposed recipe that I consider a 15-minute recipe based on how I use it in our home. We have to get creative when making food and deciding how to use leftovers to make the next meal. If you don’t feel like eating the same old waffle again…this recipe is definitely one of those to use! If you like French toast but feel like you can’t enjoy it without eating full gluten bread (without paying the price afterward or having it with GROSS preservative laden and HORRIBLE oils gluten-free bread that definitely doesn’t help disease-prone skin like eczema/Psoriasis/acne etc). So, I’ve created the BEST NEXT option. Gluten Free Waffles turned into Gluten Free French Waffle Toast! So delicious and super easy! This recipe is also great if the rest of the family doesn’t eat gluten-free and you do! Basically, just make them regular French toast and pop out a frozen gluten-free waffle from the freezer just for you! Since you make the same egg batter for everyone’s regular bread French toast but yours is used with gluten-free waffle!

Generally speaking, I make a batch of gluten-free Waffles on the weekend and end up freezing any leftover Waffles to pop into the toaster oven during busy mornings when I’m running late to make a full breakfast. So, this recipe is considered a shorter recipe because I use it with leftover gluten-free homemade frozen Waffles.

Frozen Gluten Free Waffles (homemade recommended)
Recipe for Waffle:
3 cups of Bob Mills Gluten Free Flour
6 Heaping Tsp of Baking Powder
1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt
2 Tbsp Organic Raw Sugar
Sift Everything Together, then Add
3 Cups Fresh Made Almond Milk
1 tsp Vanilla
2 Eggs
Mix Everything together. Then LAST add
6 Tbsp melted butter.
Cook in a Waffle maker.

To make it into French Waffle Toast
Make Egg Mixture: Mix together ingredients in a square glass dish
2 Organic Eggs
2 Tbsp Organic Raw Sugar or Coconut Palm Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla

Take fresh or slightly thawed frozen gluten-free Waffle. If frozen, you can place them into a frying pan on medium heat to slightly thaw (do this with each waffle you are making). Then dip into egg mixture both sides coated. Then, put 1 tsp butter into frying pan. Put dipped waffles into a frying pan and cook (each waffle separately or more depending on the size of your frying pan or griddle). Flip. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with maple syrup and butter. Enjoy!

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